Space orbs is a fast-paced, action game, where you launch an orb into space to destroy other orbs and collect points. The game is played with just the mouse! There are many different colours and shapes to unlock, as you spend the points you collect from destroying the orbs.

Avoid the orange and red objects and destroy the other colours. Fling the orb into other orbs to increase your score. Try and destroy the orbs fast to get a streak, which increases the amount of points per orb.

Features of the game
• Fun, interactive gameplay
• Easy to learn controls
• Many unlockables
• Audio Settings

Watch out for the black holes!

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Development log


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Is this game a clone from this game or is the game so configured that it seems like your game ,there not many differences ...

Hi, thanks for the post. I did watch the video and my game was inspired by it a lot, and I decided to try and create my own version. However, some of the gameplay mechanics are different, for example, the majority of orbs will reflect you, the aiming mechanic is different and more physics based. The slowdown mechanic is also drastically different, as there's no limit to how long you can slow down for.

The colour schemes are of course different, as is the audio and menus.

However, I did really enjoy Dani's video! I used the game as a learning exercise really, as it was fun to experiment with the mechanics. I hope this answers your question :) 

Thanks hope you learned a lot :)

Yeah! It was a great learning experience, although adding Google Play services for the Android version was not particularly fun lol